AI Technology

We had developed sophisticated technology to understand behavior of users browsing the internet and can match the right ad to the right audience. Regardless of your niche, we understand your audience.

The technology works by assigning each IP and each computer behind that IP that had ever come into contact with our or our partners’ ads a certain score and profile that is constantly updated. When an ad is created, right of the bat it has the potential to reach your target audience, unlike that of traditional CPM ad buying. But that’s not all, as the campaign runs, our system records conversions (form fills, call tracking or purchase made) and the model by which ads are served is adjusted, and only served to those MOST likely to convert.

The model also learns from other similar campaigns, constantly adjusting itself to serve ads to your target audience.

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Historical Behavior

With ARTEEBEE’s widely connected network, the algorithm is able to assess past browsing history of almost any internet user and accurately predict interests, allowing to serve only relevant ads.

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RTB - real time bidding exchange

IP Reputation & History

Every IP is analyzed by ARTEEBEE’s sophisticated algorithm and assigned a score between 0 and 100. The score represents quality of traffic coming from a particular IP. Residential IPs have a higher score, based on more consistent user behavior model compared to public or shared IPs.

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ssp solutions

Retargeting & Remarketing

Retargeting also known as remarketing allows you to to serve ads to users who previously interacted with your business; ie visited website, social page or app. You can also narrow it down to those who filled out a contact form or made a purchase. Retargeting ads have a much higher CTR compared to traditional ads.

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ARTEEBEE has invested a lot of resources into developing and perfecting technology for its RTB Exchange. The exchange allows for seamless connection between advertisers, ad networks, DSPs and surfers, publishers, SSPs. The nearly instant auctions take a split second to complete, with advertisers getting much higher ROIs compared to traditional online advertising methods.

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Integrate ARTEEBEE JS tag, header bidding to start selling your inventory at RTB marketplace.

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