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Real time bidding mobile ad network

ARTEEBEE mobile ad network delivers ads to your thousands mobile apps or games based on your targeted mobile apps/games and sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithm. The ad network is fully transparent. With the ARTEEBEE mobile ad network, you have the ability to control where and how your ad display such as device type, OS, Geo, in-app, mobile web, etc.

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mobile ads

Highly Targeted Mobile Ads

Drive qualified users to your mobile app with targeted mobile ads. Serving billions mobile impressions and generating millions quality mobile installs per month.  We deliver the most relevant ads to the right audience at the right time.

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Earn more with CPM Mobile Ads

ARTEEBEE’s real time bidding platform connects your mobile ad space to hundreds of demand partners.  Your traffic will serve with the highest CPM bidding ad.

Some of Our Cool Features

Get paid on ad impressions served instead of clicks on ads.

High quality ads from hundreds demand partners.

Real time report. Get paid with paypal or bank wire payments.

Easy integration and tracking.  Supports JS tag and header bidding tag.

Monetize All Your Traffic At The Highest CPM Rate

Integrate ARTEEBEE JS tag, header bidding to start selling your inventory at RTB marketplace.

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