Automated Data Science and Machine Learning in RTB Predictive Marketing

By using the most sophisticated RTB automated data science and machine learning algorithm that we developed, and continue to develop. we’re able to understand your audience. Contact Us Now
game advertising network

Completely transparent, enables SSP supply or DSP demand access at scale.

Intelligently Connecting SSP and DSP that will give full control over your digital media buying.


training features


daily impressions


monthly active users


covered by ARTEEBEE

Get access to the new evolutionary RTB Supply and Demand Ecosystem

Reach your audience within fraud free and brand-safe inventory

Easy Integration

Support openRTB 2.4, run on google cloud with multi-geo node and auto scaling to support high traffic throughput.

Full Control

Get access to detail traffic and campaign information, make adjustment any targeting in real time.

Auto Optimize

Maximize buyers and sellers ROI, and precisely target each audience with neural network deep learning technology.

Why ARTEEBEE Programmatic Advertising

Full-serve programmatic advertising solution. ARTEEBEE will build a most effective campaign to meet client's objective
  • Audience Prediction

    Deliver the targeted audience with data science

  • Discover

    Discover targeted users before they reach your service

  • Target

    Target the most desirable users with access to 100+ million user segments

  • Optimize

    Show you real progress in real time such as Impression, CTR’s, Installs, and CPM’s

Monetize All Your Traffic At The Highest CPM Rate

Integrate ARTEEBEE JS tag, header bidding to start selling your inventory at RTB marketplace. Contact Us Now
Highest Mobile Ad Revenue

Targeting beyond the basics

We utilize neural network deep learning technology to target the right user at the right time at the right place.

Location-based Targeting

Target users based on their current location, defined by City, State or Country.

Carrier & Device Targeting

No matter which carrier/device you want to target, ARTEEBEE can deliver. So you can rearch to your desired audience.

Behavioral Targeting

Reach out to user segments based on behavioral patterns ranging from interests to purchase intent.

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